We have a wealth of experience in promoting residential development to local Councils and our success in obtaining planning permission for our projects is proof of this. We are always willing to consider the opportunity of developing land which others might dismiss and no challenge is too big. It’s a question of a committed approach and application to deliver the right outcome.
We work closely with Local Authorities and Estate Agents, which means that land values are maximised with careful development planning. Detailed attention to site promotion ensures maximum benefit for the land owner.

As a local private company we are not hampered by a top heavy management structure and therefore we are able to quickly assess the potential of such land – we make decisions regarding development potential within a few days.

Our current areas of search are Kent (especially the commuter belt), South East London and East Sussex.

The type of land we require is as follows:

  • Large land holdings suitable for new village settlements.
  • Agricultural land or amenity land with speculative development potential on the edge of towns/vilages.
  • Brownfield sites suitable for redevelopment, including vacant yards / non-conforming uses.
  • Secondary commercial / industrial sites and properties within an existing frontage.
  • Sites which have a difficult planning history, either in design terms or land use terms.
  • Sites currently without planning permission, which could hold residential development potential.
  • Large gardens with road access set within towns/villages.

We look forward to hearing from you with details of any sites you may be aware of.

tel: 01622 817781 or email homes@wealdenhomes.co.uk