Wealden Homes was formed in 1986 by Barry Chamberlain, and has a reputation for building high quality family homes in the South East. We believe that the success of Wealden Homes to date is due to the attention to detail at all stages of the development process. The experience and abilities of the key personnel gives a sound base to the Company and its continual success. In addition to this, all land purchase, design, construction and initial sales co-ordination are carried out 'in house', which means total control is afforded at all times.

Land Purchase

We are constantly looking for new sites with potential for residential development. A great deal of time and consideration is given to this aspect to ensure that there are no ‘negative’ features to reflect in eventual re-sales. Substantial work is also carried out in ‘putting together’ sites from multiple ownerships or assessing ‘difficult’ planning situations.


We aim to deliver the best design and build on every site. This includes type, size, location and aesthetic appearance of new properties. This follows on from the investigations at land purchase stage to ensure the most appropriate new home is built in the correct location. Kerbside appeal is an important factor in today’s marketing and hence attractiveness to a potential purchaser is fundamental. We have embraced the concept of sustainability and our new homes are built to the highest standard thus saving on heating costs while creating a comfortable home which is a pleasure to live in, and is a sound investment for the future.


Great detail is afforded to the quality of construction and especially finish to include our Client’s wishes to create the new home of their dreams. The house purchaser in the new millennium is far more discerning and attention to detail is essential. All our new build houses and apartments come with a ten-year NHBC structural warranty (Wealden having achieved the highest rating of A1 for our exemplary works) and we pride ourselves on an efficient aftersales care service.


Most of our house sales are through experienced local Estate Agents. This is done under close scrutiny of the Company to ensure the best and most effective service to our Clients is maintained at all times.